Welcome to Karl Breitner!

In the 19th century, on the prime of horology, lived Karl Breitner, researcher, explorer, innovator, who dedicated his life to watch production. The main normative of his work were the years spent in the military, where he played an important role as a first engineer in navigation and aviation.

At first his time-keeper devices served the prestigious superiors of the military sphere, they were popular among officers, lieutenants and pilots. He made real mechanical masterpieces, his watches were characterised by exactitude, high-class quality and fine elegance. He gained a name for himself within the circle of the highbrow nobility of the time.

Today Karl Breitner's spirit carries on in the factory built at the feet of the swiss Jura mountain, in the silent baroque town called Solothurn, where the watch manufacturing has a nearly centenary tradition. With several decades of experience, our watchmakers are committed, precise and fond of their work. They combine the traditional watchmaking with the sophisticated new technology to give life to our unique timepieces.

Our products pridefully hold the prestigious Swiss made label, which is one of the horology world's most rigorous labelling. Beside their Swiss origin, they bear evidence of carefully selected and applied basic materials, sophisticated exactitude and highest quality. The mechanism of our timepieces is the one used in the most renowned brands, manufactured in the eminent ETA and Ronda movement factories.

Our most important mission is to manufacture prestigious and high quality Swiss luxury timepieces to serve many generations. This way our customers can wear a wonderful and unique piece of Karl Breitner's on their wrists to accompany them in the realization of their dreams.

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